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Posting Guidelines: Tech Forums

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The Flip Booked Cat

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2005 9:53 am    Post subject: Posting Guidelines: Tech Forums Reply with quote

These guidelines are meant to supplement (not replace) Teh Soapbox Terms of Service and Posting Guidelines. Please contact one of the mods/Admin if you have any questions.

Computers & Networking

Canadian0812 wrote:
Computers and networking is the gateway to the more specific tech forums and serves as a catch all for topics that don't seem to fit in the others. for instance, if you need / want/ lust after some new kit and want to know what is good product, or what should be avoided, this is the place to ask. It's also a great place to post news and comments about computing in general and generally kibitz about these machines that have so changed our lives. As with the other tech forums, platform wars, negative comments about other users and CPU (etc) measuring contests are counter productive -- on the other hand my attack beavers have been looking for a few floaters for their latest dam building project on the Don river.

Internet Culture

Canadian0812 wrote:
What a revolutionary medium. With a couple of clicks you can be across town or across the world. We want to know where you've been and what neat stuff you found when you got there. We want your opinions on internet politics and laws or lawlessness, on content, on attitudes, we want to know about your blogs (if you have one) and everything in between. What are your thoughts on The RIAA? What about internet technology and new stuff that's on the horizon? If its internet related, you can talk about it here -- with one exception. This is an American based site and it is illegal under American law to pirate or advocate the piracy of copywritten material be it in print, video, music, proprietary software or other data form. Posts of this nature will prompt immediate action by the moderators and / or administrators.

Teh Soapbox LUG

Canadian0812 wrote:
Teh Soapbox LUG is a place to discuss, promote and troubleshoot Linux, Unix and Open Source software. It is not, however, a pulpit. Responses like 'RTFM' and / or newbie bashing are not acceptable. Similarly disparaging remarks about other computing platforms and / or their users are strongly discouraged. It is expected that members who are requesting help will have done their homework first and will include a synopsis of what they have done to solve the problem in their appeal for help. Its really difficult to accurately diagnose and solve a problem from a distance so be sure to include all the pertinent data about your machine (type of processor, amt of RAM, any periperals and your distribution IE Mandrake 9.2, Debian Sarge, Redhat Fedora Core 2 etc. and an accurate description of the problem -- "It doesn't work" is not much help to those who are trying to aid you.

Tech Support

Astra wrote:
This is a form for technical questions and advice. This is not the place for OS wars or insulting comments on hardware. There are often multiple solutions to an issue (and not all issues are directly caused by Bill Gates). Don't feel offended if someone chooses not to take your advice.

Please respect your fellow users, regardless of the components they prefer.

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