Okay, here's the real deal:

This ain't free to host or to soak up bandwidth, but I don't feel like asking you to help support this site and getting nothing in return...well, except this site. Just seems unfair--and maybe you're thinking "Hey, man, that's really fair!" but, me, I don't think so.

I think you should get something for your cash. That is, well, yeah, you should get something. There are 2 levels of "something" on this site right now, and those are very simple:

1) Banners (468px x 60px 12k maximum file size) $15.00 per month
2) Text Ads (1-2 relatively short sentences) $7.50 per month

Both of these low-cost beauties can be used to advertise your personal blog, your [insert widget here], your CafePress store, your never-ending bout with being single or anything else you can think of, with the exception of such things as: Pr0n, Cigarettes, Drugs or anything else that I deem offensive. Naturally, if I deem it offensive, you're not going to be charged--I may be an ass at times, but I'm not a total dick.

Oh, and if those prices don't work for you, shoot me a private message and we'll discuss what your needs / wants are and all that good stuff.



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