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Posting Guidelines: Teh Ring

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The Flip Booked Cat

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2005 10:01 am    Post subject: Posting Guidelines: Teh Ring Reply with quote

Toonces wrote:
This new forum is the place for you to throw the proverbial poo at your fellow debate junkies without getting bitchslapped by The Powers That Be. This is where you can talk trash to each other about any topic you want, and if people get snarky, we won't do anything to stop it. While we'd like to say it's a no-rules environment, we do have a few guidelines here:

- No starting threads for the sole purpose of trashing other members of the board. If a discussion gets going and *then* you call someone a dumbass because their argument is weak, that's fine. But you can't just start spouting off about someone at random.

- You can only "fight" with members who are involved in the particular thread you're posting in. Likewise, if you join in a thread in Teh Ring, don't come crying to us if someone bashes you. If you don't like it, sit on the sidelines and eat some popcorn and Junior Mints with the rest of us.

- No threats of violence or retribution. Any such posts might lead to a swift boot up the ass and instant bannination.

- No links to copyrighted material or other illegal links (information on downloads, etc...). We still expect people to provide brief summaries of articles along with a link to the article/website, if they're going to use references.

- What is said in Teh Ring STAYS in Teh Ring. If you've been duking it out with someone there, you need to play nice with each other on the rest of the board. Likewise, gripes from the main board STAY on the main board. Don't bring up old issues/arguments you've had with someone on the main part of the board in here unless they are relevant to the thread AND the person in question is participating in that same thread.

- In the event a moderator decides to participate in a heated debate, understand that the basic guidelines of Teh Ring apply to them as well. Feel free to take 'em to the mat if their debate skills are the suxx0r. And know that if they throw a few swings at you in here, they will not carry that into the rest of the board. However, if a mod steps in to actually moderate in Teh Ring, you should shut the hell up and listen... because it will take a lot more than the usual pissing match to get us to moderate anything in here.

- If we decide that having this sort of "release valve" isn't really helping, we may remove Teh Ring at any time. We know some of you like to mix it up with each other without there being any real hard feelings afterwards, and we want to see if having this rough-and-tumble forum will keep people from being so snarky to each other on the rest of the board. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work.

- If you are easily offended, do not enter Teh Ring. No one will think less of you if you're not crazy about conflict. Some of us prefer a more laid-back atmosphere, and we're trying to preserve that while giving the more "intense" members of the board an outlet too.

- In case this isn't clear already, Teh Ring is a Not Safe For Work- Enter At Your Own Risk environment.

We hope that by providing you guys with Teh Ring, maybe you'll get out some of your frustrations there instead of taking it out on unsuspecting victims on the rest of the board (where we do still expect people to follow the Terms of Service and Posting Guidelines). If you can't do that even with this new free-for-all forum, then we will give out warnings and the occasional boot up the ass (and out of teh soapbox).

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